Saturday, May 4, 2013

May the Fourth Be With You

Alpha Base & Garrison Titan were spread out all over Puget Sound in support of Star Wars Day ("May the Fourth be With You") and Free Comic Book Day.  I went to the Puyallup library.  I thought I'd have an easy time parking at a big lot right next to the library.  But, noooo.  There was a huge Farmers' Market and Craft fair going on in the park right next to the library.  The few photos I took are here.

I trooped with a TK.

A delightful young man who is an R2 Builder brought his R2-M5.  He said he built it like a tank so the kids could mess with it to their hearts content and not do much damage.

He was assisted by library volunteer Alex, who is himself a roboteer (at left).  He's the chief engineer of his high school robotics team.  Yay!

The librarians recognized my costume right away as the "Jedi Librarian".  They asked for this pose specifically: