Saturday, October 26, 2013

SteamCon V

I spent the weekend of 25 - 27 October at SteamCon V.  With my friend, Regina, I've been to every one.  It makes it easy to do that since it is held nearby.  It is a fairly large Steampunk convention.  I go for the costuming and props. 

I did some sketches and took a lot of photos.  The sketches are on my Wordpress Arts blog.

This dapper gentleman had a very interestingly crafted badge holder.

One of the few items I bought in the Merchants' room was a new CD from Abney Park.  Captain Robert was there himself:

This lady had a fine costume and very clever accessory for her persona as a traveling Chemist:

At 4pm on Saturday, they assemble as many as will come for a big group photo.  This probably has barely half the people there in costume.

All the photos are here.