Tuesday, November 17, 2015

River Song's jounal

Ever since I first saw this in a Dr. Who episode, I've wanted one.  The officially licensed ones are unsatisfactory as they look too pristine.  When the Doctor gives it to her, it is in good shape.  But I wanted the heavily used one, as pictured in the lower image here.  I've seen some on Etsy and a couple are quite good.  But I wanted to make it myself. 

At Norwescon in 2013, I met an artist who had made one, including the writing and drawings on the pages.    I spoke with her briefly about how she made it.  One of the few bits I retained was that she'd soaked the book in water to give it the appearance of being old and heavily used.  (She is Aimee Stewart and her art website is Foxfires.  Take a look... she does fantastic work.  I have a couple prints of her pieces).

This past week I finally found the round toit for this project.  I was motivated by the upcoming Dr. Who event at the Science Fiction Museum:  Dr. Wholidays. (If you follow that link, the little boy Doctor next to the Tardis is the son of friends and mom made the costume!)   This time I managed to coordinate ahead of time that some friends will also attend so I've got a ticket, too.   I plan to wear my costume so thought I'd add a couple items to it.  And for those who didn't see this the first time.... no, it's not my hair.... it's the first wig I've ever bought!  

I'd purchased the book a long time ago.  I think I remember Aimee suggesting one with tan craft paper.

Soaking it in water nearly destroyed it!  The pages came loose from the cover.  So after it all dried thoroughly, I glued it back together.  This treatment did result in it looking sufficiently beat up.  I got some thick cardboard, cut the strips, glued them on.  When it was all very dry, I painted it with acrylic craft paint. 

The inside pages are blank.  I have found some images of what they look like.  So that can be an on going project!  There is a possibility I might go to England next year, so I might wait until I can see the original at the Dr. Who experience in Cardiff.