Friday, September 2, 2016

Sad trip

A very close friend we've known for over 26 years entered hospice about 4 weeks ago.  We'd planned a trip last weekend to visit her, perhaps for the last time.  Unfortunately for us, she died on Sunday, 21 August.  We adjusted our flight times and arrived a day early to be able to attend her funeral on Saturday.  We were sad we did not get one last visit with her but relieved at the end of her suffering.

She had been part of our SCA household for 24 years.  Even though we both moved to other states than that in which we met, we remained close.  Two years ago we went to the Kingdom of the Outlands to participate in her elevation to the Order of the Pelican.

Maistreas Brid ui Chon na Mara

 It was our sad household duty to assist her daughter in the disposition of her SCA regalia.  We consulted with her closest friends in the Outlands, both Pelicans, regarding her Pelican regalia.  Everyone concurred in the plan for its future use.

She appointed my husband, our head of household, Viscount Wolf, as her Heraldic Heir and he will be the SCA College of Herald's contact regarding her Armory.  We hope to finalize the approval, posthumously, of her Augmentation of Arms.

SCA friends:  when you do your regular will, remember to do a heraldic one, too.  Consult your local herald.  Fortunately, we have one in the household, Countess Leonora.  We also consulted Master Omar in Outlands regarding traditions there.