Monday, December 30, 2013

Back up 2013

This is the first of my 2013 year in review.  I kinda hate those that I see on TV but I feel I want to do this anyway.

I spent the afternoon making backup DVD's of my photos and sketches.  You are making backups aren't you?  It's not whether your hard disc will fail, it's when.  Anything that is important needs to have a backup.  My husband, the IT pro, also says that the backups should be in multiples, in at least 2 different media and one of them off site.

Thus, my method is to back up to an external hard disk all year long.  I also make 2 DVD copies, one of which is stored in our safety deposit box.

This year, the photos required 8 DVD's which each hold 4.7 gigs.  That's 37.6 gigs of photos.  My sketches took another DVD themselves.

I'm glad that's done!  Next will be my collection of sketchbooks and journals for 2013.

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas Eve

Early today, I watched the recorded PBS show, Christmas in Norway with the St. Olaf ChoirThis particular pairing of songs was very evocative:  "How a Rose e’re Blooming" and "The Rose" sung alternating, each by a different choir.

 It can be seen here and that pairing of songs is at about 32:20.

 Info from the album:
 Lo, How a Rose e’er Blooming / The Rose
Michael Praetorius / Amanda McBroom, arr. Craig Hella Johnson

I tried to find a place to buy just that one piece, but the album is not on the usual places that sell individual songs.

I've mostly just been listening to Christmas music and reading a book on location sketching.

Later, I sketched a Christmas bunny:

Friday, December 20, 2013


This is the first snow my area just south of Seattle has had since 18 December 2012.  And that was the only snow the winter of 2012-2013 had.    This bit of snow is more than there was on that previous date, but not by much.  Rain is predicted for noon and it will all go away.  It's been above freezing since I got up.  These were taken about 0830.

The backyard gnomes have snow beards this morning.

A few more photos are here

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving and onward

Our Thanksgiving was very quietly thankful.  We had a relaxing day at home.  We did cook up a dinner more special than usual but not the whole turkey and fixings extravaganza. 

I fast-forwarded through the dog show on TV, only watching those breeds/sections in which I was most interested.  As in, I skipped the Toy division. 

On Black Friday I completely avoided shopping.   I only left the house to pick up Wolf's eye drops as he can't drive yet. 

We watched NOVA's re-examination of the evidence about the JFK assassination.  They showed the few seconds of shooting footage that was never shown at the time.  Yikes, it was graphic! 

Over the past few days we've talked to some close friends on the phone.  It was good to catch up.  And we should do it more often. 

I gathered up the leftovers from my Etsy shop and donated it all to one of the charity shops.  I then made a trip to Tinkertopia in Tacoma to donate a bunch of odd bits they can sell for upcycled crafts projects.  My arts blog has gotten more views than ever today as a result of Tinkertopia tweeting my sketch of their Little Free Library!

I drove Wolf to his cataract surgery f/u on Monday.  All is well.  He then went to the mall with another new glasses prescription.  He has nice, thin, lenses in his frames.  These are interim and not the best.  The MD said to wait until mid-January to see the optometrist again for a final prescription.  At least he is 20/20 again.