Friday, May 16, 2014

The week

Ah, the scent of roses.  My two large Yorkshire roses bushes (trees, almost.... Rosa Alba Semi-plena) have started to bloom.  It's about the same time as they've bloomed every year since 2003! 

I was doing my usual volunteer shift at the Museum of Flight.  There was a photographer there taking photos of a man.  After they both left, I asked the staff escort who it was..... Eric Lindburgh, the grandson of Charles.  A docent told me he lives in the Seattle area. 

 The same day, I saw the new(ish) Boeing Dreamliner, 787 take off.  The test aircraft does go out on a flight nearly every day I'm at the Museum but I rarely catch it. 

Driving around Georgetown doing some research for an upcoming workshop, I saw more planes on a train!  I am always amused by this sight!

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