Tuesday, September 1, 2015


My apologies for not keeping up this blog.  I spend a lot more time on my sketching blog over on Wordpress.

I went to the re-boot of Anglicon back in mid-June.  All the photos are here. I tried something new.  I only went for one day and took the light rail and the bus over to the con hotel in SeaTac.  It's the same place Norwescon is held.  Since I wasn't wearing an unusual costume, it worked quite well.  I hid the replica weapon in a bag so as not to disturb transit riders!   I don't remember why, but I wasn't feeling very well so I didn't go the second day.

I developed a new costume for this con.  Since it was heavily focused on Dr. Who, I put together a costume for one of my favorite characters, River Song.    There was a home built Tardis there for posed photos and I took advantage of it.

  I didn't sew any part of this costume.  The jeans jacket and white blouse are from a thrift store.  I bought a wig on-line.  The replica pistol and holster I already had, purchased for use in a Firefly-ish costume.  There is also a pouch, not shown here, which I also already had. 

Several former cast members were there as guests, including the 6th Doctor, Tom Baker.  Photos are on my smugmug host, as linked above.

Some of the clever costumes I saw:

Kristen as a Dalek:  

Susie in a Tardis tutu costume made by her mom:

And another River Song

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