Tuesday, November 19, 2013

HP stamps released today!

I made my usual Monday morning stop at my PO box.  I asked the postal worker when they might get the new Medal of Honor stamp and she said she did not know.  But she handed me the philatelic catalog.  Once home, I browsed it and decided to order several attractive stamps on line, including the Medal of Honor ones.

That's when I found the Harry Potter stamps were to be released today.  Of course, I included them in my order!  I really wish I could order just the McGonagall stamp!  I did order 3 of the set of 20 stamps.  I'll be well supplied for awhile.  The TV news this am indicated these are "limited edition".  Since they are "forever" stamps, I may get a few more sets.

I have a set of the British ones released in 2007.  They showed the British book covers.

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