Friday, November 22, 2013

Leaving Apple

Two months ago I started using Wolf's new 2013 Nexus 7 tablet.  He already had the original Nexus 7 and let my "try" his new one.  Well, it's mine now.  I've not used my iPod Touch in those 2 months.  I've successfully been able to synch it with Outlook on my PC using some additional software I did have to buy.  I've been carrying the 7 inch tablet in my purse/bag for these 2 months.  I like it a lot!  But it's a little big to carry all the time. 

I've been waiting for the Nexus 5, which is a phone.  I finally was able to see one today.  I'm likely going to buy it.  I'll get it from Google, unlocked,  and not activate a phone carrier.  I intend to just use it as a PDA, as I used the iPod Touch.  Yeah, I'm weird.  I don't really need a smart phone and I'm adverse to paying a data plan. 

Tonight I sold my 2 year old iPod Touch 4th gen to Gazelle.  I didn't get much for it but it's better than just letting is sit on the shelf.   It was unable to use the new iOS 7.  It has been my experience with Apple that 2 years is the lifetime of the software, if not the device.  That's another thing with which I'm dissatisfied. 

I still have an iPad 3rd gen but it can only use part of iOS 7, so I've not installed it.  I will continue to use it until it fails.  However, I've gradually migrated my RSS feeds to the Nexus 7. 

So, I'm nearly done with Apple.

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