Friday, November 15, 2013

New eye

Wolf had cataract surgery on his left eye last Thursday (7 Nov).  Yesterday he had his one week f/u and all is well.  He obtained a prescription for interim glasses.  By January, both eyes will be completely healed and he'll need a new set.  But he needs to be able to see out of the left eye when the right eye is operated on next Thursday.

The new glasses lens is thin.  It is amazing when compared to the right lens and the old one (these are upside down and backwards, so right is left):

T he lens on the right is for the eye that's had cataract surgery and can now be corrected to 20/20.  Below it is the old lens.  On the left is the lens for the, as yet, untreated eye.  It's about 20/50 even with that thick lens.

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