Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Nexus 5

I ordered an unlocked Nexus 5 from Google on Monday night.  The site said it wouldn't ship until 3 December.  I paid for next day shipping as I was concerned to know exactly when it would be delivered. 

Then I got a notice that it had shipped at 0200 yesterday!  It arrived last night about 1930.  Wow. 

I didn't get a sim card and I'm not planning on actually using it as a phone.  I could, though. At this point I still don't feel the need for a smart phone.  But I did want a smaller PDA.  The Nexus 7 was a bit much to carry around.  It's not much thicker than the iPod Touch.  The camera is much better, especially in HDR mode.  

I spent some of last night and more time today setting it up.  Google installed all the apps I'd had on my Nexus 7.  I did have to organize the screens, though.  I also set it up to synch with local Outlook on my PC. 

Everything works great.  Such and easy set up.  Drag and drop all the files I need.  I really like it.

I needed a different podcast app as the one I was using wouldn't synch between devices.  I paid a little bit for Pocket Cast and it works so much better.  I then just dragged and dropped all my music....7 gigs worth.  None of this having to load them to iTunes.  Just select all and copy over.

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